L.A. Noire: Review

Rockstar has been known for creating enjoyable free roam style games thanks to the success of their Grand theft auto series, and the very successful old west styled Red Dead Redemption. With their latest title L.A. Noire, they appear to have chosen to focus less on the freedom that made their games so popular, and instead have focused a lot more on the linear core story line. The game uses an episodic format, almost feeling like a TV series, in which each case begins with the set up of a mystery, and the player’s character, Cole Phelps, works as the lead detective in charge of catching the culprit. It really does feel a lot like watching a crime show, so much so that each individual case takes about an hour to complete, and as soon as one crime is solved, a whole new case starts that forces to grab your attention. The main story line it self is extremely addicting, offering a number of different cases and mysteries that Cole must solve, with enough variety and well written enough dialogue to keep players completely engrossed.

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